Radio Navigation for ATPL

Radio navigation for atpl

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    This Book and practice set would cover topics as below:

    1. Radio navigation:
    • Radio aids
    • Basic radar principles
    • Area navigation system
    • Self-contained and external-referred navigation systems
    • Inertial navigation/reference system (INS/IRS)
    1. Flight instruments:
    • Air data instruments
    • Gyroscopic instruments
    • Magnetic compass
    • Radio altimeter
    1. Warning and recording equipment:
    • Warnings general
    • Altitude alert system
    • Ground proximity warning system (GPWS)
    • Traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS)
    • Over-speed warning
    • Stall warning
    • Flight data recorder (FDR)
    • Cockpit voice recorder (CVR)
    1. Power Plant and System Monitoring instruments:
    • Pressure gauge
    • Temperature gauge
    • Rpm indicator
    • Consumption gauge
    • Fuel gauge
    • Torque meter
    • Flight hour meter
    • Vibration monitoring
    • Electronic displays
    • Basic radio propagation theory