Air Navigation for CPL

Air navigation for CPL

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    • Get 6 sets of notes and practice sets for air navigation.
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    • Question Practice sets for each topic.
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    These Books and practice sets (Set of 6 books) would cover topics as below:

    1. General Navigation:
    • Basics of navigation
    • Magnetism and compasses
    • Charts
    • Dead reckoning navigation
    • In-flight navigation
    1. Mass & Balance:
    • Introduction to mass & balance
    • Loading
    • Center of gravity
    1. Performance:
    • Performance of single-engineairplanes
    • Performance of multi-engineairplanes
    1. Flight Planning & monitoring:
    • Flight plans for cross country flights
    • ICAO ATC flight plan
    • Practical flight planning
    • How to complete a flight plan?
    1. Radio Navigation:
    • Radio Aids
    • Basic radar principles
    • Self contend and external referenced and navigation systems
    1. Instrumentation:
    • Flight instruments
    • Air data instruments
    • Gyroscopic instruments
    • Magnetic compass
    • Power plant & system monitoring instruments