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    Our Great Courses/features:

    • Commercial Pilot Licence
    • Air Transport Pilot Licence
    • RTR (A)
    • Airline Preparation
    • Flying Training in India or Aboard
    • DGCA Medicals
    • DGCA Computer Number

    You are just 4 steps away from the cockpit

    Class II Medical + DGCA Exams

    • Air Navigation
    • Air Regulation
    • Aviation Meteorology
    • Technical General
    • Technical Specific
    • RTR (A)

    Flying Training

    • SPL + FRTOL
    • Total 200 hour flying (185 single engine and 15 Multi engine with IR)
    • 20 Hours Simulators (SE/ME)

    Type Rating

    • A320 Type-Rating
    • B737 Type-Rating
    • B787 Type-Rating
    • B777 Type-Rating

    Airline Preparation

    • Written Assessment
    • Interview Preparation
    • Guidance for Openings with Various Airlines = Job Assistance

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    student pilot interview

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    About Instructor

    Capt p kumar
    There is a lot of wrong information about pilot training and we don’t want you to be the victim of that wrong information. If you want to choose a career as a professional pilot, it is one of the most prestigious, exciting, and rewarding career choices. Top Crew Aviation can help you achieve that goal with a specially designed commercial pilot training program as per everyone’s needs. As the baby step process is a proven method and eventually as you continue your stride in the right direction. We strongly believe that you will eventually step into the airline cockpit as a commercial airline pilot.To be a good pilot, you must have a good understanding of DGCA ground subjects. This is necessary not only for passing exams but also for safe flight operations. Rather than Rote learning, all of our instructors focus on Concept-based training. Students learn much more effectively from our experienced instructors who provide live examples throughout the course. You will find this training to be extremely helpful during your Flight Training. During regular performance evaluations, we work on student’s weak areas, so that they can convert those weaknesses into “strengths.”Kickstart your pilot training with Capt P Kumar and fulfil your dream to fly high.Capt P Kumar is a proud Indian Commercial Pilot on Airbus A320 with a passion for guiding aspiring pilots like none other, He has guided people in aviation for 15 years and still loves it. Whenever he gets free from work you will find him discussing how to live life at ease. He is a great motivator and coach to tell you about how you can look in your life otherwise and he loves it. He is the founder of Top Crew Aviation, an amazing Instructor, Speaker, and Coach and he is pretty fun too. If you are getting trained by him you must have listen his favourite quote.“Soldier goes on a mission once in a blue moon, But a pilot goes on a mission almost every day”CAPT. P KUMAR

    Course Highlights

    Course is designed to meet your needs

      DGCA Ground Classes

    DGCA Ground Classes

    DGCA CPL Ground classes for pilots are mainly focused on 6 subjects that you need to study to become a pilot.
      DGCA Study Materials

    DGCA Study Materials

    Structural syllabus pattern and latest revised notes made by Capt. P KUMAR, who has 15 years of rich experience in aviation.
      Specially Designed Pilot Course

    Specially Designed Pilot Course

    Specially designed pilot training course in the best possible small batches for candidates without flying experience.
      Level of Training

    Level of Training

    The best level of dgca pilot training with professional & personal attention to each student pilot.
      Pilot Course Structure

    Pilot Course Structure

    Proven pilot training course structure & strategy to pass DGCA examinations.
      Test in

    Test in "DGCA Ground Classes"

    Weekly topic wise test on DGCA exams pattern after completion of the topic.
      Progress Monitoring

    Progress Monitoring

    Student progress monitoring and support during their "commercial pilot training".
      Sample Question

    Sample Question

    Sample question papers as per dgca examination pattern will be provided along with dgca ground classes notes.


    Most of the Instructors are Airline captains who share their past events and & experiences.
      Study Materials

    Study Materials

    All DGCA study materials & notes are provided with enrolment. (CX-3 & scientific calculator excluded)
      Pictorial Presentation

    Pictorial Presentation

    We try to explain with a Pictorial presentation for better understanding and memory aiding concepts to pass dgca exams in one go.
      Best Solution for Airline Pilot Career

    Best Solution for Airline Pilot Career

    Capt. P KUMAR mentors all candidates personally and tries to offer the best solution to make them master all skills to succeed in this field of aviation and to ensure that each and every goal is achieved.


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    Here are some FAQ’s

    Questions and answers for your common queries

    These are the basic steps to become a pilot in India:-
    a) For 11th and 12th, you will have to take Science (because you need Physics and Maths for pilot career).
    b) Once you finish your 12th, get board verification of 10th and 12th standard’s mark sheets.
    c) Issue your DGCA computer number. You may contact us for any assistance.
    d) Get your DGCA Class II medical done.
    e) Clear all the five DGCA papers / DGCA exams.
    f) Finish of your 200 hours of flying training requirement.
    g) Submit documents to DGCA for the issuance of your Commercial Pilot License.

    You need physic and maths in 12th to become a pilot. You can give this exam through NIOS on demand to get physic and maths in 12th. We will help you to apply for it.

    Yes, we need huge amount to complete our pilot training successfully. You can take loan for your flying training as well as for type rating.

    Commercial pilot training is completely depends on your own performance, usually it takes 12 to 18 months.

    Yes, we provide dgca ground classes online (Live) for your DGCA exam preparation, but you have to visit flying training school to complete your flying training.

    As per DGCA regulations you can do your CPL training any time prior 65, but we recommend you to do it prior 35 years age.

    It varies as per the flying club and country, but average cost to become an airline pilot is approximately 50 to 55 lakhs. Details are as below:
    1. DGCA Classs 2 Medical - 6000 to 8000
    2. DGCA Ground Classes - 2.2 Lakhs to 3.5 Lakhs
    4. DGCA Class 1 Medical - 6000 to 15000
    3. CPL Flying Training - 35 to 40 Lakhs
    4. Type Taring - 15 to 20 Lakhs
    5. Airline Preparation - 60 to 90 thousand.
    Note: Above pilot training cost is approximately

    Commercial pilots must receive a medical certificate for Class 1. The requirements are available on the DGCA website (Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

    Yes, you can become a pilot with glasses.

    The aviation market is currently expanding exponentially, and, as standards increase, it is a great time to be a pilot.