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DGCA Class 1 and Class 2 Medicals For Pilot – Guide

June 12, 2022 By Capt P Kumar

As per the Directorate General of Civil Aviation rules and regulations, there are 2 types of DGCA Medicals that need to be done for a commercial pilot.

  • DGCA Class II medical
  • DGCA Class I medical


DGCA Medical 2

1. DGCA Class II Medical Examination:

Class 2 DGCA Medical is the most basic and the first step toward a pilot’s career. It’s required for you to get an SPL (Student Pilot License) and to join a flying school.

A class 2 DGCA medical certificate is required for a private pilot license as well as for commercial pilot training. The holder of a medical certificate shall be mentally and physically fit to exercise safely the privileges of the applicable licence.

Who required Class 2 Medical Assessment?

A. Class 2 Medical Assessment is required for applicants and holders of:

(i) Private Pilot’s License (Aeroplane & Helicopter);

(ii) Student Pilot’s Licence (Microlight);

(iii) Student Pilot’s License (Aeroplane);

 (iv) Student Pilot’s License (Helicopter);

(v) Pilot’s Licence (Microlight);

(vi) Student Pilot’s Licence (Balloons);

(vii) Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence (Restricted).

(viii) Flight Radio Telephone Operator’s Licence;

(ix) Student Pilot’s Licence (Glider);

B. The Standards and Recommended Practices relating to:

(i) Physical and Mental requirements;

(ii) Visual requirements; and

(iii) Hearing requirements.

As contained in paras 6.4.2, 6.4.3, and 6.4.4 of ICAO Annex 1 respectively, shall be followed for issuance of Class 2 Medical Assessment. In addition, the requirements contained in AICs (Medical) displayed on the DGCA website shall also be complied with.

How to Obtain Class II Medical?

To obtain your class II medical, follow the process below:

Step 1 –

The first step for the class 2 medical process is to go to the eGCA website and sign up. Read the user manual carefully fill in your details and log in then you’ll receive an eGCA login ID. Make sure to save the ID and password in a secure permanent place as you’ll need this in the long run. You can do this process by yourself or you may get help from an expert. Sometimes the doctor also does this process on your behalf.

eGCA Login Panel

Step 2 –

Now coming to step 2 for DGCA class 2 medical test you need to visit this link and go through the list of DGCA-approved medical examiners. From the list, select the doctor who suits you the best, contact and fix an appointment with them at your convenience. You can get the list of class II doctors approved by DGCA from the DGCA website itself.

You have to contact the doctor from the list of officially approved doctors by DGCA, if you want to visit near your city the updated list of Class 2 Medical Examiners is available in the medical section of the DGCA website.

The doctor will provide an appointment, and he will tell you about all the tests that you have to undergo during your medical.

Now you might have 2 choices according to the doctor:
  1. Perform all the required tests by yourself in a diagnostic center of your choice. Then go to your class II doctor and show him all the medical reports.

Note: The diagnostic center should be NABL/NABH approved and should have the NABL logo on the reports. Now, let the diagnostic center eye doctor fill up your CA35 form on pages 5–6 and the ENT doctor fill the pages 7–8. Also, make sure all the doctors have at least a proper degree in that field. Just a diploma wouldn’t be entertained.

  1. Go to the DGCA-approved doctor directly and he/she shall help you with the diagnosis. As many doctors prefer the 1 option so make sure you contact the doctor before.

There are a few more formalities but your doctor will tell you about that as it completely depends on the doctor. After you pass the Class 2 medical test, just wait for 2–4 weeks and you’ll receive your file number.

Note: Keep in mind DO NOT get your medicals done by any doctor other than DGCA-approved doctors for the medical, it will not be considered valid as per DGCA medical rules and regulations.

Step 3: DGCA Class 2 Medical Requirements:

Medical requirements to become a pilot and the Class 2 DGCA Medical Test have just one motive behind it, i. e. the person should be fit for flying and becoming a pilot and that point seems pretty legit. One will not want to put a person having some disease with the responsibility of passengers 35000ft above the ground traveling at a speed of 850 kmph.


You have to fill out relevant forms and get all the tests done, as instructed by the DGCA class II medical doctor. These are some of the Class 2 Medical Tests required to become a pilot:

  • Hb TLC DLC
  • KFT
  • Liver Function Test

Here is the explanation for the above-mentioned tests for DGCA class 2 medical for aspiring pilots:

Eye Test: Colour vision test to check if you’re partially colorblind or not. (In case you are, unfortunately, can’t become a pilot.) The specialist likewise checks your far-off vision test where your vision ought to be 6/6 regardless of displays.

Radiology: 4 X-rays need to be done on your chest, and sinuses. Let’s not go in technical terms.

Ear Test: They conduct a Pure Tone Audiogram to check if your ear is normal and you can hear the frequencies of sound they play on the headphones provided.

ECG: There’s also an ECG test to check for any irregularities in your heartbeat and even check for any blocked arteries that may be present.

ENT: This test is just to ensure that everything is normal with your ear, nose, and throat.

Blood Test: They draw blood to check your TC/DC and Haemoglobin level and also your blood group and Rh factor. (ABO and Rh)

Urine Test: Just a routine check to ensure normal sugar and protein levels.

Note: If your BMI, in simple terms of your height and weight is not proportionate you have to go for additional tests. That’s pretty much it for boy candidates.

For girls, 2 more tests need to be done: Mammography and a USG of the Lower Abdomen.

Important: Do take note that all tests should be finished from a research laboratory that is NABL/NABH certified else DGCA will dismiss your medical trial. It will not be considered a genuine class 2 medical.

Though it seems a lot, a fit and normal human being can easily glide through all the tests.

Step 4:

Once you are done with all required tests, the doctor will approve all your reports and you will get CA-35 certificate at the same time.

The Dr. will send your application and the medical examination reports to the DGCA, Delhi for approval and further process. Within 1 month you will get your class II medical assessment.

Step 5:

Once your class 2 medical documents are received by the DGCA, a file will be prepared in your respective name and you will receive a file number. Your Class 2 medical assessment and certificate will be uploaded on eGCA portal. You can download it by logging in with your ID and password Or you can collect your Medical Assessment from the DGCA Medical Cell, Delhi.

Documents Required For DGCA Class 2 Medical:

For the Class 2 DGCA medical test you just need to carry the following documents on the day of your medical appointment-

  1. Adhaar Card
  2. 10th Marksheet
  3. 12th Marksheet
  4. Your Photo (PP Size)


Validity Of Class 2 Medical Certificate:

Since DGCA permits flying training with a Class-2 medical certification, there is a distinction between PPL holders and SPL holders, as far as medical certification validity is concerned.

SPL holders undergoing flying training in India presently: validity is 24 months for class 2 and 12 months for class 1 from the date of the last medical examination, and they need to revalidate their medical fitness before expiry.

PPL Holders: These remain 24 months as before.

Those going through flying preparation abroad: would be considered as a normal PPL and would need to renew their class 2 medical in two years or less. After which a new Re-Initial Class-2 medical test would need to be finished, with the pre-existing file number.

DGCA Class 2 Medical Certificate

Fee/Expenses For DGCA Class 2 Medical:

There are 2 essential clinical checkups for pilots. Class 2 scientific is the primary one, to be carried out as soon as, with the aid of data-approved docs.

If the medical is done from Air Force hospitals, it will cost around 3000 to 4000 Rs and if it is done from approved private hospitals, it will cost around 6000 to 8000 Rs.

How long does it take to complete DGCA class 2 medical?

Civil pilots suggest that the issue of medical exams for class ii clinical examinations take a minimal length of 4 weeks after receiving relevant papers at DGCA; medical assessments are also displayed on the eGCA website. you can check up on the status of your evaluation on the website, before visiting the Medical Cell for the issue of medical assessments.

2. DGCA Class I Medical Examination:

After getting CLASS 2 DGCA Medical Assessment from DGCA you can apply for DGCA CLASS 1 Medical. It is only done in DGCA Medical Centers. You can apply directly on the eGCA Portal to book an appointment for DGCA Class 1 Medical.

A class I medical certificate is required for commercial pilots. The holder of this scientific certificate will be mentally and physically in shape to exercise thoroughly the privileges of the relevant licence.


Who Required Class 1 Medical?

DGCA Class 1 medical certification is for pilots engaged in commercial air operations; everything from instructing on light aircraft to flying for an airline. Of necessity, the medical standards for this group are quite high as the traveling public is putting their lives in their hands. These pilots will also likely be flying internationally to other countries.

(i) Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)

(ii) Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

(iii) Flight Engineer Licence (F/E)

DGCA Class 1 Medical

Requirement For DGCA Class 1 Medical:

  1. Aircrew should be 17 yrs and above for undergoing Class-I Initial Medical Examination.
  2. Aircrew needs to carry the following:-
  • Copy of the last Medical Assessment & CA-35.
  • Two passport-size photographs and a photo id (preferably a flying license)
  • If using spectacles, carry spectacles and a copy of the prescription of spectacles.
  • NOC for delayed/ early/ special medical issued by DGCA, if required.
  • Any specialist opinion/ report/ certificate/ opinion that was asked for in the previous medical examination(s).
  • Investigation reports in original as mentioned.
  • The Aircrew needs to carry 02 copies of CA forms 34 & 35 in case of Initial/ Re-initial medical examination and for other medical examinations (Renewal/ Review after TU/ Special) CA forms 34A & 35.
  • Receipt of online deposit of DGCA Medical Licensing Fee (as applicable) in two copies. Kindly use the Bharatkosh portal for the depositing fee. Go through the user guide which is available on the website.

3. A list of investigations to be carried out for the Class-I Medical Examination is appended. However, based on history/ clinical examination, any other investigation/ opinion/ report may be requested by the IAF center/Medical Examiner to conclude medical fitness. An additional amount will be charged for investigations done at Air Force Medical Centres.

DGCA Class 1 Medical


How To Obtain Class I Medical?

The steps involved in the Medical Assessment of Class 1 are as follows:-

Step 1

Check whether the intended medical is an initial or a renewal medical.

Initial Medical

Initial medical is done when a person with a valid Class 2 medical applies for the first time for a Class 1 Medical (a requirement for a CPL). Also, in case the last medical date (Class 1) is more than two years old, a fresh initial. (Re-initial)

Class 1 medical is to be conducted only at any of the IAF Boarding Centers (IAM, IAF Bangalore/ AFCME New Delhi/ MEC(E) Jorhat/ 11 Air Force Hospital (11 AFH) Hindon/ Command Hospital Air Force Bangalore (CHAF’B’)/ 7 Air Force Hospital (7 AFH), along with approved NOC by Medical Dte.

Renewal Medical

Class 1 Medical Assessments are valid for one year for persons less than 40 years. of age in Multi-crew Commercial Air Transport Operations or six months for persons above 40 years of age in Single-crew commercial air transport operations.

In this regard, please refer to Para 5 of CAR 7 Series C Part I Issue II dated 12/10/17 (Revision 5, 5th Apr 21). The renewal of medical may be done anytime from one month before the date of expiry of the validity of the Medical Assessment to the date of expiry of validity. If done earlier or later than that, a NOC is required.

Renewal Class 1 medical may be done after the expiry of the validity of the previous (but not beyond two years since the date of the last medical) along with NOC.

The NOC form is available in the Procedure & Training Manual, available on DGCA websites as Annexure ‘D’. Applications for NOC are only to be made after obtaining a confirmed date of appointment from DGCA.

Renewal medical exam is conducted at any of the Air Force Medical Examination Centres and by DGCA impaneled Class 1 Examiners (list below).

Renewals are mandatory at IAM/ AFCME/ MEC(E)/ 11 Air Force Hospital (11 AFH)/ Command Hospital Air Force Bangalore (CHAF’B’)/ 7 Air Force Hospital (7 AFH) – In this regard, please refer to Para 3.1.1 of CAR 7 Series C Part I Issue II dated 12/10/17. (Revision 5, 5th Apr 21)


Step 2

Appointment & Previous Medical Record (PMR) Forwarding.

IAF Centres

After ascertaining the type of medical, kindly seek an appointment well in advance keeping in view the time required for the grant of appointments and PMR forwarding from DGCA through email on medappointment.dgca@gov.in The procedure for seeking an appointment can be accessed on the DGCA website under Personnel/ Medical.

Civil Centres & Class 1 Examiners

For Civil Hospitals (Initial Medicals) and Class 1 Examiners (Renewal Medicals), kindly contact the centers/ examiners directly at the addresses given below. PMR forwarding is not required for Class 1 initial medicals which are to be conducted at Nanavati Hospital (Mumbai)/ Apollo Hospital (Chennai)/ by Class 1 Medical Examiners/ at Air Force Medical Examination Centres {except IAM/AFCME/ MEC(E) / 11 AFH/ CHAF’B’/ 7AFH}.


Step 3

PMR Status Query

PMR files are forwarded to IAF Centres 2-3 weeks before the date of appointment (even if applications are received early). For any queries regarding PMR file no., its status and its assessment, any correction or updating any address/details/name – You can contact on below-mentioned contact no. of SO Medical Cell (DGCA HQ) 01124622500 Extn 453/ 526 OR You can visit the OR can authorize any of your representatives.

To collect your Medical Assessment on Public Days from Med Date at DGCA i.e. Wednesday & Thursday between 1400h to 1730h. Further, for obtaining Medical Assessments, you can liaise with your concerned airline reps., as they are visiting Medical Date on a daily basis.

Further, for any queries regarding taking of appointment and the status of your medical appointment, you can contact on below-mentioned contact no. or e-mail dgcamedicalappointment@gmail.com  01124622500 Extn 526 and after confirmation of the same you can apply for NOC, which is to be sent with DGCA issued Last Valid Medical Assessment on mednoc.dgca@gov.in

Form for DGCA Class 1 medical appointment

Step 4

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

For undergoing any Re-initial /Delayed/ Early/ Post TU or Special Medicals, the aircrew has to obtain a ‘No Objection Certificate (NOC)’ from Medical Date (DGCA, New Delhi). The NOC form is available in the Procedure & training Manual, which is readily available on DGCA websites as Annexure ‘D’, which is to be filled up completely.

Applications for NOC are only to be made after obtaining a confirmed appointment from DGCA HQs (Medical Dte) and to be sent with DGCA issued Last Valid Medical Assessment on mednoc.dgca@gov.in

Initial Medical Examination Centers:

DGCA Class 1 Initial Medical Examination is conducted at Eight (08) Centres- amongst which Six (06) are Indian Air Force Boarding Centres and two (02) are Civil Hospitals. The details are appended below:-

DGCA Class 1 initial medical centers (IAF medical centers and private centers)

*Note: Class 1 Renewal Medicals are not conducted at DGCA Initial Class 1 Civil Medical Centres i.e. Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital (Mumbai) & Apollo Hospital (Chennai).


Renewal Medical Examination Centers:

Class 1 Renewal Medical Examination is conducted at twenty-three (23) Centres of the Indian Air Force and by Thirty-Seven (37) DGCA impaneled Class 1 Medical Examiners. These are as follows:

Class 1 Renewal Medical examination Centers 1

DGCA Class 1 Renewal Medical examination Centers

DGCA Class I Medical Examiners (Civil Doctors):

There are thirty-seven (37) DGCA empanelled Class 1 Medical Examiners. These are as follows:

DGCA Class 1 Medical Examiners 1

Class 1 Medical Examiners 2

 Class 1 Medical Examiners 3

Class 1 Medical Examiners 4

Class 1 Medical Examiners 5

How To Get An Appointment For Class 1 Medical?

DGCA has commenced the service of appointment for medical examination at Indian Air Force (IAF) Boarding Centres on eGCA.

The applicants can now apply for appointments at the six IAF Boarding Centres for various categories of medical examinations (viz. Initial, Renewal, Special, and Post TU) online, through the eGCA portal, available on the DGCA website with effect from 09 June 2022 for appointment slots from 01 August 2022 onwards.

The appointment slots for each IAF Boarding Centre have been approved by the Air Headquarters.


Class 1 Medical Requirements:

A first-class medical certificate follows the most restrictive medical standards. First-class medical certificate requirements include checks of eyesight, ears, psychical examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), lung function, cholesterol blood, hemoglobin blood, chest X-ray, urine, and period of validity.

You will need to complete the medical certificate application form. The examination will include the following:

  1. Family medical history: The doctor will ask you questions about illnesses that run in your family. They need to know about this because some diseases like diabetes run in a family.
  2. Your Medical History– these are questions about any previous illness declared on your application form. You will be asked about them by the examining doctor, and if there is any major illness in your past, it is important to bring reports about it from your family doctor or specialist. Simple appendicitis or a broken arm are not regarded as major illnesses.
  3. Hearing test: Your ears will be tested in various ways. You must identify the intensity and direction of sound accurately.
  4. Eyesight test: Many people are worried about this because they wear glasses, well nothing to worry you are allowed to wear them. Your vision must be 6/6 in the test with corrections if necessary i.e. without glasses if you claim to have perfect eyesight and with glasses if you need them. Severe color-blind people are generally rejected.
  5. Blood and urine test.
  6. Blood pressure and Electrocardiogram (ECG) test.
  7. Physical examination.
  8. Mental health history.
  9. Lung function test.
  10. Haemoglobin blood test.
  11. STI test and Urine test.

DGCA Class 1 Medical Requirements



  1. Advised to wear bifocal/look-over glasses while exercising the Privileges of license and always carry a spare set of spectacles while flying.
  2. Next review with Hb, TLC, DLC, Urine RE/ME, and ECG (R).
  3. Next renewal at AFCME/IAM/MEC (E) only.
  4. Advised to reduce weight by diet control, regular exercise, and lifestyle modifications.
  5. Next review with USG abdomen LFT & RFT.
  6. Next review with LFT with enzymes.
  7. Next review with an executive report on hearing performance while flying.
  8. Advised to use Earplug Defenders in Noisy Environments.
  9. Advised to change glasses.
  10. Next review with Blood Sugar F/PP, HbA1C, and lipid Profile.
  11. Next review with 2D Echo of Heart.
  12. Next review with Chest X-ray (PA view).
  13. Next Review with serum PSA and opinion of Urologist.
  14. Next review with OCT, RNFL, and VHF 30-2 reports.
  15. Next review at AFCME/IAM/MEC with ORB scan.
  16. Next review at AFCME/IAM with Polysomnography and opinion of Pulmonologist.
  17. Next review with OGTT and HbA1C reports.
  18. Next review with T3, T4, and TSH Report.
  19. Next review with Pure Tone Audiogram.
  20. Next review with TMT


Validity Of DGCA Class 1 Medical:

Class 1 Medical Assessments are valid for one year for persons less than 40 years. of age in Multi-crew Commercial Air Transport Operations or six months for persons above 40 years of age in Single-crew commercial air transport operations.

NOC For Class 1 Medical:

No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a legal document, issued by an organization, institute, or an individual to say that they have no objection to the mentioned details in the document.

The NOC form is available in the eGCA Portal to be filled. Applications for NOC are to be made after obtaining a confirmed appointment and to be sent along with the Last Valid Medical Assessment, issued by DGCA. at Class 1 Civil Medical Centres i.e Nanavati Hospital & Apollo Hospital. OC) for Early / Delayed Medical. Examination 1. The procedure for obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for an early/ delayed medical examination is covered in the Flight Crew Licensing Circular (FCLC).

Issue of No Objection Certificate (NOC) for delayed medical examination beyond the validity period, as specified in FCL 3 / 2008, may be collected by hand after three working days from the date of submission of application at DGCA. In case the individual does not collect the application by hand, it will be posted to the individual after seven days.


How Long Does It Take To Complete DGCA Class 2 Medical?

Civil pilots are advised that the issue of medical assessments for Class I Medical Examinations takes a minimum period of eight (8) weeks after the receipt of relevant papers at DGCA; and after receipt of PMRs at DGCA. Medical assessments are also displayed on the DGCA website. Civil aircrew is advised to check up on the status of their evaluation on the website, before visiting the Medical Cell for the issue of class I medical assessments.

Validity Of Class 1 Medical Certificate:

Class 1 Medical Assessments are valid for one(1) year for persons less than 40 years. of age in Multi-crew Commercial Air Transport Operations or six months for persons above 40 years of age in Single crew commercial air transport operations.

Fee/Cost For DGCA Class 1 Medical:

The Class I medical examiner may collect reasonable charges for specialist consultation(s), all medical tests, administrative, and postage/ handling charges. it will cost around 4000 to 5000 Rs.

DGCA Medical Cell Contact Details:

In case of any further queries, kindly contact Med Dte (DGCA) at 011-24622495 Extension 453 / 526 / 312/ 516 or 01124610629 or fax on 01124610629.

DGCA Medicals