Pre & Post Type Rating Classes


What top crew provides in A-320/B-737 Type Rating Classes Pre & Post Type Rating Classes are well managed by our experienced and result-oriented instructors who currently work for an airline, will ensure that the environment and content of our courses exceed the expectations of our trainee pilots, whether you are a CPL holder or Type rated holder They ensure that our courses, atmosphere, and quality course material meet exam standards for students, whether you are a CPL holder or a Type-rated Pilot. Our Instructors always try to get out of all weaknesses of candidates and have a primary focus on the improvement of knowledge, skill,s, and attitudes of the Trainee Pilots, including all phases of the classes as a strategy to fulfill future airline pilot requirements to fulfill their dreams.


Pre-Entry Requirement:

  • Must have CPL with Multi-Engine endorsement for the pre type rating classes
  • Must have CPL with A320/B737 endorsement for post type rating classes
  • All airlines have their policy for age limits.



15 to 45  DAYS


Why Top Crew Aviation:

  • We do not teach only to clear your exam we teach the way so that you can teach others
  • Concepts are explained in detail.
  • The best level of training with professional & personal attention to each student.
  • Proven course structure & strategy to pass AIRLINE examinations.
  • Daily topic-wise test.
  • Student progress monitoring and support.
  • Daily homework for practice.
  • Sample question papers will be provided along with notes.
  • Concentration enhancement tips to optimize student performance.
  • Most of the Instructors are Airline captains who share their past events and & experiences.
  • All study materials & notes are provided with enrolment. (CX-3 & scientific calculator excluded)
  • We try to explain with a Pictorial presentation for better understanding and memory aiding concepts.


What does TCA cover during A-320 Pre-Type Rating Classes?

Program Duration – 15 days

  • Basics of systems
  • Basics of performance
  • CBT
  • Audio and Video learning
  • Emphasis on SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) on cockpit layout panel


What does TCA covers during A-320 Post-Type Rating Classes?

Program Duration – 45 days

  • In-depth knowledge of system
  • In-depth knowledge of performance
  • Questions of all systems
  • Important parts of QRH, FCTM, etc

Complete study material will be provided by TCA which is necessary for all types of rating classes

We will take online tests regularly to remove your nervousness and stress, and to build up your confidence before going through your selection process.

We cover all the topics in minimum time complying with the full syllabus.


Frequently Asked Questions Type Rating:-

A Type Rating program consists of a ground school course covering the aircraft’s systems and a simulator part, which allows students to learn how to fly the aircraft in normal and abnormal situations. The course is not suitable for those who have no previous flying experience. Instead, it prepares pilots who have completed Ab Initio school to fly on a professional basis on their chosen type of aircraft.
While you are right in thinking that typically training in a simulator is undertaken in india, you don't have to find a partner by yourself. Just let us know your precise needs and a preferred start date, and we'll take care of the rest.
It may take up to 1.5 months to complete your Type Rating, which is not a long period compared to the whole process of acquiring a CPL or ATPL.
It depends on many factors, including your home country, the airlines you would like to work for, and current market trends.
We offer a flexible payment option. You can set up a precise individual payment plan with one of our consultants.
1. Start preparing for your TR training early. 2. Learn the basics of the airplane type you'll be flying. 3. Make acronyms to help you remember certain terms and procedures. 4. Practice using the QRH before the simulator, so that you will know what to expect on your flight. 5.Joining with a friend or partner makes it easier to learn together.