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Flying Training In India


If you have ever dreamed about flying training in India, then you’ve probably thought about being a pilot. But what does it take to be one? From analytical thinking to making quick decisions, pilots need a variety of skills. Luckily, there are multiple aviation schools that can help you acquire these skills and accomplish your dream of flying.

If you want to choose a career as a professional pilot, it is one of the most prestigious, exciting, and rewarding career choices. Top Crew Aviation can help you achieve that goal with a specially designed commercial pilot training program as per everyone’s needs.

This program (Flying training in India) is specially designed for the candidates who have cleared their exams for DGCA Ground Subjects and are looking forward to finishing the required flying hours for obtaining a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). The program can also be customized as per the requirements of the cadet, in which they can choose to complete their training with multi-engine endorsement & instrument rating, or on single-engine aircraft only.


Pre-Entry Requirement for CPL Flying:


Duration of flying training in India:

6 to 12 Months


What TCA provides in Flying Training in India:

DGCA approved CPL Training with Multi Engine Endorsement and Instrument Rating CPL (IR/ME) in INDIA or ABROAD.

TCA offers a fully integrated CPL training course that prepares Trainee Pilots to become employable commercial pilots. Minimum requirements of DGCA for CPL on Single Engine & Multi-Engine

Total 200 hours out of which 15 hours on Multi-Engine, 185 hours on Single Engine break up as below

  • 100 hours of solo on S.E. In total (PIC time)
  • This includes 50 hours of 100 NM Cross-Country Solo, inclusive of 300 NM Cross Country
  • 5 hours solo by night
  • 85 hours of dual
  • 20 hours of the instrument ( actual )
  • 15 hours of M.E. Flying
  • 9 hours of day-flying ( 3 hours of IF )
  • 3 hours of night flying
  • 60 Mins Night Check: PIC ( U/S )
  • 60 Mins Day Check: PIC ( U/S )
  • 60 Mins IR Check: PIC ( U/S )
  • 10 hours on simulator flying on S.E. as well as on M.E.


What TCA provides SIM Training in India or Abroad:

This DGCA-approved Type Rating course offers Type Rating (TR) on A-320 & B-737. In this course, the trainee will learn about the overall aspects of flying, technical briefings, and handling simulated emergencies.

Training Course Programme

  • CBT/WBT for 7 Days
  • A320/B737NG Theoretical Training inclusive Jet Orientation & Cockpit Procedure for 14 days
  • A320/B737NG Theory Review & Examination for 1 day
  • A320/B737NG Full Flight Simulator Training (FFS) 10 Sessions (40 hrs)
  • A320/B737NG Full Flight Simulator Training (FFS) (Skill Test) – 01 Session (4 hrs)
  • You would get trained on  Aircraft Systems, Technical review, Limitations, Manufacturers Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), AFM Performance, FMS trainer, Mass & Balance, Pre-Flight Inspection Training, Multi-Crew Cooperation/ Crew Resource Management (MCC/CRM)

Pre-Entry Requirement for A-320/B-737 LEVEL D SIM Training :

  • Minimum Age: 18 Years
  • Valid CPL (for B-737) & Valid CPL with multi-engine IR (for A-320)
  • Valid FRTOL & RTR
  • Valid Passport
  • 100 hours of pilot-in-command (PIC)
  • Valid Class-I Medical
  • Fluency in English as per ICAO Standard Level-4
  • For A-320 we need 25 Hours on Multi-Engine aircraft (10 Hours can be completed in an approved Simulator)
  • Valid for the whole duration of the training.


Frequently Asked Questions Flying Training in India:-

For Indians, it's a better idea to do your training from India itself. It'll be cheaper and worth it. You may have to spend some extra time as we don't have many training aircrafts but you will be at peace when it comes to clearing the DGCA papers. But if you go abroad, your flying will be quickly completed but you may face problems if you are planning to settle in India because then you will have to go for conversion of your license.
You can start training as soon as you cleared your DGCA exams and have all the required documents.
1. Completed 10+2, with Physics and Mathematics. 2. Valid Class II Medical Assessment. 3. Adequate competency in the English Language. 4. Min of 17 years on the date of joining
In India, you can complete your flying training in 6 to 12 months. Its all depends on your flying school.
Single-engine aircraft- Cessna 172 Skyhawks Cirrus SR20s Piper Archer PA28Multi-engine aircraft- Piper Seminole PA44
The cost of flying training varies depending on the flying school you’re looking to choose. It can be between 32 lakh to 35 Lakhs.
Some of the Nationalised banks and NBFC's from where a student can get an education loan for commercial pilot study are - Syndicate Bank, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank etc. A student must check his/her eligibility for an education loan from the Nationalised banks or NBFC's.
Yes, there are some additional fees that you may encounter in your journey to becoming a professional pilot. Prices are subject to change; speak with an Admissions Officer for a comprehensive list. Books and materialsHealth insurance,Living expenses (including housing)Transportation: Based on individual preference