cpl license conversion from dgca to easa

DGCA to EASA License Conversion

TCA offers a ‘DGCA to EASA License Conversion Course’ for those who already possess a valid Indian CPL and would like to convert it to an EASA CPL. We offer conversion on both, single and multi-engine aircraft.

Did you know every country in the world has its own Civil Aviation Authority or simply, Regulator? Each with their own standards and qualifications. That is why if you want to fly abroad, you need to convert your pilot license . The conversion process may be different for each pilot license and country.

Keeping with EASA guidelines, we offer necessary refresher courses to candidates. Our conversion course includes additional flying before conducting checks for the license renewal. We also provide expert guidance required for the License Conversion Examination conducted by EASA.


Here are the steps you need to take for DGCA to EASA License Conversion:

  1. Research

Research the requirements for converting your pilot license to the country you want to transfer to. It may vary depending on which license you hold.


2. Compile the required documents

Make sure you have all the documents you need. You may need a copy of your medical certificate and pilot license.


3. Submit and verification of the documents

Complete the application and have your foreign pilot license validated by the Civil Aviation Authority. After checking everything, you can now submit your application form.


4. Continue your training

You’ll need to get a new medical certificate and pass another English Language Proficiency Assessment from the country you want your license to be converted to.


5. Receive your new license

You may have to take additional written and practical exams before you can get your new license.


DGCA to EASA License Conversion course are designed as per your requirement. You must have a current and valid ICAO License with a current and valid Rating; the conversion program is expected to be as follows:

  • Pass an EASA Medical examination.
  • Complete training as required for English
  • Language Proficiency test.
  • Attend your  theoretical knowledge course and pass the theoretical examinations
  • Prepare, practice, and pass a skill test