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Cadet Pilot Program


You might be looking for information about the cadet pilot program. There are so many types of cadet pilot programs supported in collaboration with several flight schools by a large number of airlines. It is one of the routes to become an Airline Pilot. This type of Pilot Training program is offered by a pilot training organization together with an Airline and results in employment opportunity following the completion of pilot training.

Top Crew Aviation wants to answer a few questions to help you understand what Cadet Pilot is and why it is required.  The cooperation between an airline and a flight school is a cadet pilot program. It aims to ensure that pilots are trained as per airline requirements. Usually, the flight school that trains cadet pilots undergoes a regular airline auditing phase where cadets start working after graduation. Top Crew Aviation is an outstanding pilot training academy for those looking to commence a career in aviation. The academy offers high-quality instruction from exceptional instructors who guide you through all the stages of the Cadet Pilot Program Preparatory classes.


Cadet Pilot Program Vs Conventional Pilot Training:

A. Cadet Pilot Program:

One of the routes to becoming an airline pilot is through a Cadet Pilot Program—this type of pilot training program is offered by a pilot training organization together with an airline and results in an employment opportunity following the completion of pilot training.

Conventional Pilot training:

Conventional pilot training is also one of the routes to become an airline pilot in which up on getting your flight training from any DGCA approved flying club, you get your CPL. But unlike the cadet pilot program, this pathway does not guarantee employment with any airline.


Pre-Entry Requirement:

  • Age should not be less than 18 and more than 32 years
  • Must have a valid passport and the unrestricted right to live and work in India, with the ability to travel unrestricted worldwide
  • Fluent in English (verbal and written)
  • Must have a Valid Indian DGCA Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Education qualification should be 10+2 with a minimum score of 51percent / Grade Point 6 / Grade C1 – individually in each subject Physics / Mathematics / English or a higher degree in these subjects with a minimum of 51percent

Note – If you are an Engineering graduate with 51percent or more aggregate exempt from score requirements for Physics and Mathematics in 10+2.


What Top Crew provides in Cadet Pilot Program classes:

  • We brief you about all the cadet programs and what we think would be most suitable for you and your parents are well informed about the job security, stipend, loan, and LOI for the chosen airline cadet program.
  • List of some cadet pilot programs as below
  • We help you acquire an educational loan if and when you require it.
  • We tell you about the eligibility requirements according to that program (grades, age, etc).
  • TCA instructor will help you during the application process whenever you feel that you’re ready for it.
  • We help you acquire the required documents that you need before commencing your cadet training with your chosen FTO (Resume, Class 2&1 medicals).
  • We also help you to apply and acquire your computer number (Board verification certificates online and offline, police clearance certificate, etc)
  • TCA instructors will overlook your training by monitoring your knowledge at the basic level and accordingly will give you the necessary training for your cadet preparation from day 1.
  • We give you the best study material which is relevant to your training and the exam that you will be prepared which will help you score the maximum marks in the first stage.
  • We train you for the online screening test and you are permitted to practice your modules for as long as you need to perfect your performance graph, as we have the proper channel to train you, on our modules that are as close to your actual test as possible.
  • We train you for the Group Discussion/Group Activity so that you will be able to give quick responses fluently and professionally in every situation which will help your team-building skills and leadership qualities.
  • We give you and help you prepare your material for the Personal/HR interview and we will try and take the maximum number of interviews before your final interview. We cover topics on aviation knowledge, general knowledge and current affairs, technical knowledge, reasoning questions, situational awareness, and personality development.
  • Your chances of clearing the cadet program are increased when you join our institute with the help of both you

Frequently Asked Questions Cadet Pilot Program:-

A Cadet Pilot Program is one of the routes to becoming an airline pilot. This type of training program is offered by a pilot training organization together with an airline, and it results in employment opportunity once the student has completed his or her training.
IndiGo, SpiceJet and airasia are the Indian airlines which have a cadet program.
A cadet pilot program may cost you between 1 to 1.5 cr. as per academies in India or abroad.pl
Every airline has different terms and conditions for its cadets, as well as regular pilots. Indigo currently puts a 7-year contract restriction on those joining its program. This means you cannot leave the airline before working for them for at least 7 years after course completion. Although this may be different with Jet Airways, but usually most airlines keep these conditions identical in order to not get a competitive disadvantage.
Stage 1: SPM Level Entry Exam Stage 2: Psychometric Test Stage 3 : Psychomotor and Logical Thinking Stage 4 : Interview
Apply for the cadet pilot programFill in all the detailsWait for the mailWrite the exam ..clear it.Give the psychometry exam .. clear itGive the interview ..clear itAnd you will be given LOI which will make you a cadet pilot with indigo airlines.LOI doesnot guarantee FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT with airlines . Its an assuarance that the company intends to hire you after you are successful with completing your training and simulator checks .
Jet airways and Indigo Airlines are running the Cadet Pilot programmes which cost roughly around 1 Cr each.There is no one sponsoring these for pilots.
It depends on your financial situation. If you can afford the cadet program, then go for it. You get a job guarantee in the form of an LOI and get to be trained at one of the best flying institutions in the world.