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ATPL Ground Classes

The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is taken into consideration one of the highest types of pilot license that permits you to fly an aircraft. If you need to be your future captain anywhere in the world, ATPL Ground Classes is the next step that offers you massive career blessings.

At Top Crew Aviation, we offer ATPL instruction guides that might be completely integrated with the DGCA CPL application. Our instructors will comply with the ATPL Ground Classes to put together you for the ATPL oral and theoretical exam.

Top Crew Aviation can help you achieve that goal with a specially designed Air Transport Pilot Training Program as per your needs.

Whenever you have done your CPL it is your next course of action when you fly as a first officer sitting on a right seat looking for the left you need ATPL which is going to help you to become an Airline Captain.


Pre-Entry Requirement:

  • Must have Commercial Pilot License.
  • Class I Medical (Indian) with a fitness certificate from a designated medical practitioner.
  • Adequate competency in the English Language.
  • Min of 18 years on the date of joining.


Eligibility for DGCA ATPL Exams (Flying Experience):

A minimum of 1,500 hours of flying experience is required; out of which at least 150 hours must be in the last year. Your total experience shall include:

  • 500 hours of flight time as pilot-in-command or co-pilot performing under the supervision of a pilot who meets the flying experience requirements of an instructor check pilot.
  • Out of the 500 hours of flight time, at least 200 hours must be cross country including 50 hours of night flying.
  • Minimum 1000 Hours of cross-country flight time.
  • Minimum 100 hours of instrument time.
  • Minimum 100 hours of night flying.
  • Minimum 10 hours of flight time in the last six months.
  • Must have a valid flight radiotelephony operator’s license.
  • Must have a valid instrument rating.


Duration of ATPL Ground Classes:

60 Days   ( 5 Days a week for 2 hours/day)

atpl dgca exam preparation


Subjects in ATPL Ground classes :

The best way to prepare for the ATPL training is to start your ground classes for all subjects (Aviation Meteorology, Radio Aids and Instruments, and General Navigation) to obtain Airline Transport Pilot License.

Aviation Meteorology:

  • The Atmosphere
  • Wind
  • Thermodynamics
  • Clouds and Fog
  • Precipitation
  • Air masses and Fronts
  • Pressure Systems
  • Climatology Flight Hazards
  • Meteorological Information


Radio Aids and Instruments:

  1. Radio navigation:
  • Radio aids
  • Basic radar principles
  • Area navigation system
  • Self-contained and external-referred navigation systems
  • Inertial navigation/reference system (INS/IRS)
  1. Flight instruments:
  • Air data instruments
  • Gyroscopic instruments
  • Magnetic compass
  • Radio altimeter
  1. Warning and recording equipment:
  • Warnings general
  • Altitude alert system
  • Ground proximity warning system (GPWS)
  • Traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS)
  • Over-speed warning
  • Stall warning
  • Flight data recorder (FDR)
  • Cockpit voice recorder (CVR)
  1. Power Plant and System Monitoring instruments:
  • Pressure gauge
  • Temperature gauge
  • Rpm indicator
  • Consumption gauge
  • Fuel gauge
  • Torque meter
  • Flight hour meter
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Electronic displays
  • Basic radio propagation theory


General Navigation:

  1. Automatic flight control systems:
  • Flight director
  • Autopilot
  • Basic concepts of the following
  1. General Navigation:
  • Basics of navigation
  • Magnetism and compasses
  • Charts
  • Dead reckoning navigation
  • In-flight navigation
  1. Mass & Balance:
  • Introduction to mass & balance
  • Loading
  • Center of gravity
  1. Performance:
  • Performance of single-engine airplanes
  • Performance of multi-engine airplanes
  1. Flight Planning & monitoring:
  • Flight plans for cross-country flights
  • ICAO ATC flight plan
  • Practical flight planning
  • Practical completion of a flight plan (Flight Plan, Flight log, Nav log ATC plan, etc.)



  • Radio Aids and Instruments
  • General Navigation


We at Top Crew Aviation are committed to giving you the best solution to start your ATPL ground classes. The best way to prepare for the ATPL training is to start your ground classes for all subjects (Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Radio Navigation) to become a successful Air Transport Pilot as soon as you are about to finish your flying hour’s requirements as per DGCA. So that you get your ATPL on time.

Let us help you to give a good start in Aviation with our experts.

We at Top Crew Aviation not only provide you with the best solution for airline transport pilot license ground classes but also guide you for everything which is required to become a successful Airline Pilot on the left seat of the aircraft.



Why Top Crew Aviation for ATPL Classes:

  • We do not teach only to clear your exam we teach the way so that you can teach others
  • Concepts are explained in detail.
  • The best level of training with professional & personal attention to each student.
  • Proven course structure & strategy to pass DGCA examinations.
  • Daily topic-wise test.
  • Offline/Online DGCA Ground Classes (Classes at the comfort of your own home)
  • Student progress monitoring and support.
  • Daily homework for practice.
  • Sample question papers will be provided along with notes.
  • Concentration enhancement tips to optimize student performance.
  • Most of the Instructors are Airline captains who share their past events and & experiences.
  • All study materials & notes are provided with enrolment. (CX-3 & scientific calculator excluded)
  • We try to explain with a Pictorial presentation for better understanding and memory-aiding concepts.

A 320 aircraft flying


What Top Crew provides in ATPL Classes:

  • Top Crew Aviation is an outstanding airline training institution for those looking to commence a career in aviation. A high standard of training is provided by exceptional instructors who guide you through all stages of the course in the classroom.
  • Our highly trained and committed staff ensures that the environment and content of our courses exceed the expectations of our students, whether you are an airline cadet or a CPL holder student we have the course for you.
  • The perfect launchpad course is made by  P KUMAR, who has 15 years of rich experience in aviation.
  • Best results and 100% student satisfaction.
  • Specially designed courses in the best possible small batches for candidates without flying experience.
  • The best training is provided by an industry expert trainer who has more than 10 plus years of rich experience in his field.
  • Our prime responsibility is to create a vibrant community around you, so we want you to enjoy your time at the Academy and make the most of every minute.
  • Our trainers not only focus on knowledge but also on building the skills, and attitude of the students including all phases of the ground training as a strategy to fulfill their dreams as airline Pilots.
  • We offer Commercial Pilot Training preparation courses for CPL, CHPL, ATPL, and RTR. Our motive is not just to provide ground training to the candidates but also to create well-trained pilots.
  • Academy is committed to providing world-class training facilities for commercial pilots. It is being one of the best Pilot Training Institutes in India to provide ATPL classes in the best possible small batches so that each ATPL aspirant receives proper attention.
  • P KUMAR mentors all candidates personally and tries to offer the best solution to make them master all skills to succeed in this field of aviation and to ensure that every goal is achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions About ATPL:-

Candidates who fail in all three attempts of the Oral Examination shall be required to reappear in the Theoretical Knowledge Examination of the respective subject regardless of the validity period of two years.
The ground school or theory part of learning to fly can be the most challenging part of learning to fly for many aspiring pilots. It is often a completely new world for students when they enter the world of aviation, and it is overwhelming to know everything that must be absorbed, understood, and utilized.
Many recruiters and airlines evaluate candidates for pilot positions based on their results of ATPL exams.
You have a total of 4 attempts for each subject. So if you fail the same subject four times, you have to start over. In case you register for several exams. There is a maximum period of 10 working days between the tests to carry them out.
The DGCA written examination consists of 3 subjects namely Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, and Radio Aids & Instruments.
It is a very good idea. It will keep you studying. Your knowledge will be better and you can clear airline exams. So, in terms of getting job, it is a very good way of keeping in touch with your studies.
Unless otherwise exempt, you must have 1,500 hours before applying for an ATP certificate, including 500 hours of cross-country time, 100 hours of night time, 50 hours in the class of airplane for the rating, 75 hours of instrument time, and 250 hours of time as pilot in command.
By DGCA requirements. The minimum passing mark required in the Oral Examination is 70%.
Contingent upon how strong your CPL knowledge base is. In Top Crew Aviation, the ground school is so rigorous that all the DGCA exams felt like a cakewalk in comparison. If you want to clear your exams while working, you can always refer to our DGCA ATPL Notes and questions bank. But for the vivas, you have to have your theories strong. You will be thoroughly probed and it is not easy to fool the examiners.