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Choosing a suitable pilot training academy is one of the crucial tasks in your career as a pilot. That is why we want to help you make the right choice, the wise choice. We are India’s one of the best pilot training schools with more than 15 years of experience as Instructors in the aviation industry, we will guide you throughout your pilot career to achieve your milestones and goals. We provide worldwide training with our network of flying training schools in India, the USA, South Africa, and Europe.

Our vision is to make your future great as a commercial pilot.

“Soldier goes on a mission once in a blue moon, But a PILOT goes on a mission almost every day”



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CPL Ground Classes

If you want to choose a career as a professional pilot, it is one of the most prestigious, exciting, and rewarding career choices. Top Crew Aviation can help you achieve…

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ATPL Ground Classes

The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) is taken into consideration one of the highest types of pilot license that permits you to fly an aircraft. If you need to be…

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RTR(A) Classes

TCA Instructors guide pilot aspirants for Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical) to clear the RTR examination in the shortest possible time by providing quality RTR(A) Classes. You can also contact with…

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Airline Preparation

Airline Preparation Classes are well managed by our experienced and result-oriented instructors. They ensure that our courses, atmosphere, and quality course material meet exam standards for students, whether you are…

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Cadet Pilot Program

Introducton: You might be looking for information about the cadet pilot program. There are so many types of cadet pilot programs supported in collaboration with several flight schools by a…

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Pre & Post Type Rating Classes

Introduction: What top crew provides in A-320/B-737 Type Rating Classes Pre & Post Type Rating Classes are well managed by our experienced and result-oriented instructors who currently work for an…

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Flying Training In India

Introduction: If you have ever dreamed about flying training in India, then you’ve probably thought about being a pilot. But what does it take to be one? From analytical thinking…

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DGCA to EASA License Conversion

TCA offers a ‘DGCA to EASA License Conversion Course’ for those who already possess a valid Indian CPL and would like to convert it to an EASA CPL. We offer…

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Pilot Training In USA

Pilot Training In the USA for Indian Students: The process of obtaining a commercial pilot's license in India typically takes 18-24 months, while pilot training in the USA takes 12-16…

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Pilot Training in South Africa

Are you looking for pilot training in South Africa? We are reminded of the vibrant, colourful country of South Africa whenever we hear the name "Rainbow Nation". There is so…

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Pilot Training in Europe

Our pilot training center in Europe stands beside our students every step of the way during their journey to become pilots. In addition to providing comprehensive, practical, and unwavering support…

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    Our excellent results are no magic, but purely our love and passion for giving what we have learned.

    The idea behind the academy is to ensure affordable, value based knowledge sharing platform. We started the innovative methods of teaching and shared our experiences with our students, we had no clue that this dedication is awaiting such high results. As we grew, we couldn’t stop even if it wanted, this was by now giving such excellent results and placements to the students that our plan now had became our passion.

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    Cabin Crew | How To Become A Cabin Crew? | Job, Course Guide

    June 15, 2022 By Capt P Kumar

    Page Contents Introduction: How to Become a Cabin Crew in India: Cabin Crew Qualification: Cabin Crew Aptitude Test: Cabin Crew Salary: Conclusion: Introduction:  Becoming a cabin crew can be an…

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